Review and Photos from Lower Antelope Canyon Tour

We recently visited Arizona and explored all the Antelope Canyon tours, including both Upper and Lower Canyon. This is our detailed review of the Lower Antelope Canyon.

Antelope Canyon is a narrow passage in the desert with smooth, curving walls of orange and purple sandstone formed by wind and water over time. This slot canyon on Navajo reservation land requires a tour with a local Navajo guide, ensuring crowd control due to its popularity.

In this Lower Antelope Canyon review, I’ll share our tour experiences, photos, best time to visit, and essential information for your trip.

Best Lower Antelope Canyon Tours

We booked our Lower Antelope Canyon tour through GetYourGuide and had a fantastic experience. The tour includes entry tickets, Navajo permit fee, and a local Navajo guide with clear communication and a cancellation policy.

GetYourGuide also offers tours to Upper Antelope Canyon, Antelope X, and other specialized canyons in the area with fewer visitors.

We highly recommend GetYourGuide for various tours and activities worldwide.

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Lower Antelope Canyon Review: What To Expect On The Tour

The Lower Antelope Canyon tour guides you through an underground slot canyon.

The tour involves a sandy walk, descending metal stairs, leisurely pacing through the slot, and ascending stairs back to the starting point.

Upon tour commencement, guests watch a Navajo tribal dance performance included in the experience. This is a vibrant bonus with optional tips.

After the dance, visitors follow the guide on a short desert walk to the slot entrance, offering a cooler temperature once inside.

Ladder Stairway Crowds People

Before entering Antelope Canyon, the view from above might not impress, but inside reveals enchanting, smooth walls, and colorful sandstone.

The captivating scenery of the Lower Antelope Canyon features unique shapes pointed out by our Navajo guide, such as a dragon, eagle, and tribal chief.

Photography inside the canyon is relatively easy, even with a phone. A wide-angle lens captures intricate details best.

Lower Antelope Canyon Tour Review Photos

Lower Antelope Canyon is just as wonderful as it looks in the photos

The Lower Antelope Canyon tours can be crowded, yet we managed to appreciate the sights and capture photos with minimal intrusion during our hour-long exploration.

Comparing it with the Upper Antelope Canyon visited in the same week, the Lower Canyon offered a more relaxed and fulfilling experience with ample time for photography.

Lower Antelope Canyon Tour Review Photos

We really enjoyed Lower Antelope Canyon

Best Time To Visit Lower Antelope Canyon

The ideal time to visit Lower Antelope Canyon varies based on preferences. To avoid crowds and heat, November to March is recommended. Despite that, the summertime offers dazzling lighting.

Compared to the Upper Canyon, the Lower Canyon receives more natural light due to a wider ceiling, potentially making it too bright for optimal photos. Therefore, mornings or late afternoons are perfect for an ideal lighting balance.

Midday visits are still enjoyable, as we found during our Lower Antelope Canyon exploration, ensuring an enchanting experience regardless of the time.

Lower Antelope Canyon Tour Review Photos

Majestic colors and lighting

Is The Tour Worth It?

Undoubtedly, the Lower Canyon is worth the experience despite crowds. This slot canyon is among the most stunning and unique in the United States.

While the tour isn’t cheap, it offers better value compared to the Upper Antelope Canyon with a less rushed experience.

Lower Antelope Canyon Tour Review Photos

We were able to take lots of photos in the Lower Antelope Canyon

Lower vs Upper Antelope Canyon: Which Is Best?

Comparing both Antelope Canyon tours, the Lower Canyon offers a longer, more relaxed, and enjoyable experience. It’s also cheaper and less crowded, making it a better choice for visitors.

However, for those seeking seclusion, Antelope Canyon X is the optimal choice, being less crowded and touristy than the main canyons.

If interested, read a detailed comparison of all Antelope Canyon tours (Upper, Lower, and X) regarding photography, crowds, fun, access, prices, and availability.

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What To Do On The Tour (And What NOT To Do)

  • What To Bring: Bring a driver’s license or ID for check-in, wear a hat and sunscreen, and carry a water bottle, camera, or phone for photos.
  • What NOT To Bring: Avoid pets, bags, backpacks, strollers, drones, canes, umbrellas, hiking sticks, selfie sticks, or tripods. Bags of any kind are not permitted, including small camera bags or fanny packs.
  • What NOT To Do: Smoking, climbing, writing, flash photography, and video recording are prohibited on Lower Antelope Canyon tours. Non-flash photography is allowed, except on stairways.
Walk Hike Path Desert

Reaching the slot canyon requires about 10 minutes of flat walking in the desert

Other Tips For The Lower Antelope Canyon Tour

  • Bathrooms: Restrooms available at the starting office, none during the tour.
  • When To Book: Reserve 2-4 weeks in advance, especially in peak seasons.
  • Time Zones: Note the time zone difference; all tours operate in the same time zone as Page, Arizona.
  • How Early To Arrive: Arrive early for check-in to avoid missing your tour.
  • How To Get There: The tour starts at Indian Rte 222, Page, AZ 86040, USA, just a short drive from Page.