Top 10 Family-Friendly Hikes in Aruba

While Aruba is mostly known for its beaches and fun activities, the Arikok National Park offers some easy and family-friendly hiking trails where you can enjoy natural pools, rock arches, and desert landscapes.

Although the scenery may not be as breathtaking as that of U.S. national parks, hiking in Aruba can still be a great way to escape the crowds, enjoy the coastline, and burn some calories.

Here is our guide to some of the best hikes in Aruba! If you have any other favorites, feel free to share them in the comments at the end of the blog post.

1. Conchi Natural Pool

The Conchi Natural Pool is a popular spot in Arikok National Park, featuring a beautiful turquoise tide pool surrounded by a rock wall that protects swimmers from the waves.

You can reach the natural pool by taking a jeep tour or hiking from the Arikok Visitor’s Center. Along the way, you’ll see goats, lizards, and other interesting sights, with the ultimate reward of swimming in the natural pool.

This hike is long and exposed, so it can get very hot. It’s recommended to buy your park pass in advance and start the hike early in the morning. Don’t forget to bring a hat, sunscreen, and plenty of water.

Distance: 10.5 km (6.5 mi) roundtrip
Time: 3 – 4 hours

Conchi Natural Pool

Conchi Natural Pool

2. Daimari to Conchi Natural Pool

You can also reach the Conchi Natural Pool by hiking from Daimari Bay, which offers a slightly easier route with most of the trail along the coastline.

Along the way, you’ll pass Boca Keto, a unique twin beach with a rock formation called the ‘Klein Aruba.’ This hike provides solitude and beautiful views.

Best Hikes In Aruba Family Friendly Hiking Trails Arikok National Park Drone Boca Keto

Boca Keto beach and the ‘Klein Aruba’ rock formation

3. Seroe Colorado Natural Bridge

Aruba is home to several rock bridges created by sea erosion, with the Seroe Colorado Natural Bridge being one of the best but less visited spots. The bridge is located on the southern tip of Aruba and offers stunning views.

Accessing the bridge requires driving to San Nicolas and a short but challenging hike down the rocks. The unmarked path is treacherous, so caution is advised, but the breathtaking view makes it worth the effort.

Best Hikes In Aruba Family Friendly Hiking Trails Seroe Colorado Natural Bridge

Seroe Colorado Natural Bridge